“So many benefits, you’ll be glad you took the plunge” – this is one of the phrases that Interval International use in their marketing materials and it is so true! You already know that you can use your II Membership to exchange to another resort anywhere in the world, but this is only a very small part of the benefits that you now have as a Grand Holidays Club member with Interval International.

INTERVAL TRAVEL – access the full service agency with great rates on airfares, car hire, insurance and cruises (UK Residents only)

GETAWAY – purchase additional weeks of resort holidays without giving up your home resort accommodation! Available all over the world at discounted rates.

PUBLICATIONS – A full colour Travel Planner with detailed descriptions of member resorts. A regular magazine, Interval World with in-depth articles on the various destinations, activities, offers, member benefit updates and of course the new member resorts as they are added. Email newsletters which deliver travel updates and other special offers.

www.intervalworld.com – access the massive amount of information online. Check out the resorts, make exchange deposits and requests, check the status of requests, and renew or update your membership details. You can also see details of the newest Getaways as soon as they are added. Download the free Interval International app to your iphone, ipad or Android device.

GUEST CERTIFICATE – If you cannot use your own week, you can share the joys of vacation exchange by purchasing an Interval Guest Certificate.

All of these great benefits are within the standard membership, but did you know you can upgrade your membership and your lifestyle with Interval Gold? Interval Gold pays for itself over and over again, with many additional savings and special services included. There are additional discounts on Getaways and Travel; special prices with Hertz Car Rental and savings of up to 50% on the rack rates of thousands of hotels around the world. All this, together with Gold Concierge – your very own personal assistant to help plan your trips.
For even more benefits and savings, check out Interval Platinum, Interval’s most prestigious level of membership.

You’ve Made The Right Choice

Grand Holidays Club with Interval International

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